Setting up Salesforce Surveys

Salesforce Surveys Defined

Salesforce Surveys was announced in its spring ’18 release.  Now you can build simple survey forms that are easy to submit and track.  Salesforce stores the responses, so you can use reports, dashboards, and workflow to manage the process. This feature is generally available in Classic and Lightning Experience.

Salesforce Surveys is available for all editions in Health Cloud.  Those organizations not on health cloud,  can create only one survey without incurring extra costs.  Check out this video for a deeper dive into surveys.

Create a Salesforce Survey

Setup Basics

Salesforce Survey Permission SetNavigate to Setup, type survey settings in the quick find box, and enable the feature.  In order for users to access surveys, you need to provide security permissions.  Create a new permission set that provides users with Read, Create, Edit, Delete permissions for Surveys, Survey Invitations, Survey Responses. Assign the users to the permission set that will need access.

Build Survey

Configure Start Page

Navigate to the surveys tab and click new, which takes you to the start page.  The start page is the where the respondents will land when they click the survey link. Here’s where you can provide a header and some copy for the specific survey.  (Note the blue Activate button.  Once you have completed the configuration steps, return to this page and activate the survey for use.)

Salesforce Surveys Start Page

Create Survey Questions

To add surveys, see left-hand sidebar and click add a question.  From here you have several types to choose from. For each item, input question, provide a description and add values (if the question contains choices).

Salesforce Surveys Questions

Configure Thank You Page

Once you have added your questions, see the lower left-hand panel and input Thank You Message. This message displays to the respondent at the end of the survey.

Configure Thank You Page

Add Custom Branding

See paintbrush in the upper left-hand corner.  Click it and upload your own background image to supplant the default.

Distributing Salesforce Surveys

You may send surveys to your internal company users or those outside your company.  There are many ways to deliver surveys to the recipient.  In the survey builder, use get survey link.  This link can be sent to recipients.  Also, it can be embedded in a Salesforce email template and submitted to recipients with process builder when a specific event occurs like the closing of a case.  Another use case to explore involves Salesforce Communities.  A survey can be an embedded as a component in a Salesforce Community.  For public communities allows users not logged in to respond to the survey.

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