Sales Cloud.

Win more deals and grow customer relationships with Sales Cloud.  Take advantage of our deep experience and best practices implementing Sales Cloud effectively.

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Growing Sales With The Right Tools.

There is only one sustaining competitive advantage: deeply understand your customers. With a digital-first future ahead, Sales Cloud gives businesses the tools, visibility, and flexibility needed to succeed today–and tomorrow.  

Our approach.

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Scale Sales Process

We learn your sales process and we build Sales Cloud around it.  We leverage Salesforce best practices to improve the user experience, automate tasks, create greater engagement, improve accountability and increase consistency.


Integrate Everything

Today, Sales is about having the right information at the right time.  Our team delivers custom integration services to capture key information and events from the Lead-to-Order.

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Adopt & Thrive

It’s no secret that digital transformation is hard.  Our change management activities and Sales Cloud experience are a recipe for success.  We deliver key features, articulate the value, and demonstrate the business fit.

Optimize Lead-to-Order.

Effective customer acquisition supports sales teams as they engage leads, qualify opportunities, create quotes, and close business. We build elegant user experiences, communication cadence, coordinated workflows, and quote automation, all of which improve the customer experience.

Sales Cloud Assessment

Sales teams face many obstacles like disparate information, inefficient workflow, lack of metrics, and bad data.  Let us look under the hood and apply our rapid Sales Cloud assessment methodology.  We can diagnose the problems and provide solutions to connect missing information, automate processes and shine a light on key data and metrics.

Core Features

Our team of experienced certified consultants can help you implement Sales Cloud core features quickly and successfully.

– Lead, Account & Contact Management
– Opportunity Pipeline Management
– Forecasting
– Process Automation
– Mobile
– Reporting/Dashboards

Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ allows users to configure products, price orders, and generate quotes quickly and easily. It’s a game-changer in productivity, as it reduces errors, increases speed to close, and creates new up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.  We offer a wide variety of Salesforce CPQ services.  Just a few examples are:

– Define/Design Product Catalog & Bundles
– Discounting & Approvals
– Guided Selling