Building Businesses With Salesforce.

We match Salesforce abilities to the strategies and workflow driving your business.

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Solving Key Problems With Salesforce

Whether it is automating revenue processes, order fulfillment, the contract lifecycle, or scaling customer support, Prestar delivers solutions to your most critical business processes. We build it in Salesforce so that you can build your business’s future on it.

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Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, & Experience Cloud

Organizations expect Salesforce to support their customer needs. We configure Salesforce to fit our Client’s workflow. We extend the Salesforce platform through custom development with apex, Salesforce lightning, and various integration services.

Sales Cloud™

Generate more leads, close more deals, manage contracts, and accelerate productivity.  Prestar ensures users are empowered, managers are informed, and your business processes drive it all.  Learn more >

Experience Cloud™

Experience Cloud provides engaging experiences for Customers and Partners.  Customer Site (formerly Customer Community) provides customers ways to liaise with your customer service team, log their own service requests and obtain quick answers through the knowledge base.  Partner Site (formerly Partner Community) optimizes channel management by providing ways to register and manage deals.  Learn more >

Service Cloud™

Deliver personalized support everywhere and at any time, and satisfy case requirements faster with more productive outcomes. Prestar builds scalable solutions that improves your customers’ experiences.  Learn more >

Core Cloud Services


Serving a wide array of industries and enterprises, we have seen firsthand what works and doesn’t work.  Our certified team can help you chart the right course for your organization.  Learn more >


The ground is constantly shifting beneath our feet.  Each day we face higher customer expectations, more fierce competition, and new market dynamics. Experience and insight matter most when making strategic decisions. Let us help you in your journey.  Learn more >


In today’s world, organizations use various apps to address their needs. Our team of expert Salesforce integration consultants can help you build connected data, processes, and experiences across your tech stack.  Our proven approach ensures that integrations are scalable, durable, and flexible so that they can support your evolving needs.  Learn more >


Salesforce is a scalable and flexible platform with lots of powerful configuration tools.  Sometimes complex client needs require custom development.  Our approach is to build scalable, low-maintenance, high-performance custom solutions to meet your needs.  Learn more >

Managed Services

Leverage our team to extend your team’s capabilities.  We are transparent, fast, and effective. Learn more >