Strategy & Implementation

When it comes to cloud strategy and implementation, nothing really beats experience.  That’s where we come in.  With thousands of consulting projects behind us, Prestar knows how to deliver.  We help our Clients in the following areas:

Sales Cloud

Generate more leads, close more deals, manage contracts, and accelerate productivity. Prestar ensures users are empowered, managers are informed, and your business processes drive it all.

Service Cloud

Deliver personalized support everywhere and at anytime and satisfy case requirements faster and with more productive outcomes. Prestar inspires positive customer experiences by creating metrics-driven designs around your decision making process and scaling all within your customer success vision.


Create a community for any ecosystem. Prestar builds real customer engagement, extends your business processes to various partners, and transforms your workplace.


Build components to support any business process. Prestar creates reusable, powerful and simple-to-use components where customers can be more effective and productive.


Migrate your data from anything to Salesforce. Prestar excels at evaluating, cleansing, transforming, and migrating to the Salesforce Platform.